Last Time feat. Jay-mo Dejon - Tejai Moore
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Reverse - Tejai Moore
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Join Me - Olivia
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Da Beatfreakz are back for 2020 with brand new single, "Self-Obsessed" which features D-Block Europe, Krept and Konan, and Deno!!

The song debuted on the charts at #26! This is Tejai Moore's 2nd Top 30 as he is a co-producer on the record!!! 

Check the video out here: -

ALL GOD!!! 2020 is in motion!

"Join Me" playing on VH1's Love and Hip Hop

OLIVIA is BACK!! 2020!!

With her first official single since 2011, the R&B-Singer and Former G-Unit artist, has fans and DJs excited alike!

Olivia may be known for songs like "Candy Shop" with 50 Cent, but she has returned to Love & Hip Hop NY (Season 10) on VH1 and has also released brand new single, "Join Me" which is co-written by Tejai Moore.

Check it out as it is available on ALL platforms.


Pumpy (w/ Cadet, Swarmz, Deno..) - Beatfreakz
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Motorola (w/ Dappy, Deno, Swarmz) - Beatfreakz
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Tell Me (w/ DBE & Ling Hussle) - Krept & Konan
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Thug - D-Block Europe
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All My Little Lies - LAPP
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Tejai Moore is a co-producer on "Tell Me" feat. D-Block Europe & Ling Hussle, lead single for new album of Krept and Konan named “Revenge Is Sweet”!!


“Tell Me” and the the full album “Revenge Is Sweet” peaked #1 Single and #1 Album at same time on Apple Music (UK) !


On the  Official Charts - Single chart “Tell Me” peaked at #23. The album „Revenge is Sweet” peaked at #5 on the Albums chart (TOP 5 ALBUM).


Check out 'Tell Me" HERE --> 


 Released by Sony Music UK (Columbia) -


Tejai Moore is a co-producer credited on "Motorola" by Da Beatfreakz feat. Deno, Swarmz, and Dappy!!


"Motorla" went Top 40 on Official Charts - all-genre Singles Chart - Peaked at 32, and spent 8 weeks on the charts


The song was even supported by Ed Sheeran. He did an official Apple Music playlist named "Songs I Play In My Car" with 20 songs adding "Motorola" as one of them. -  CHECK THE VIDEO OUT HERE -> 

Tejai Moore has co-produced on 2 songs of D-Block Europe's: 'Thug" and also "Thoughts featuring Krept and Konan -


Both records are a part of D-Block Europe‟s “PTSD” album - Album peaked at #4 on the Official Charts (another TOP 5 ALBUM)


The album also went #1 on Apple Music (UK) (Thug) (Thoughts) 

3 tracks that Tejai Moore produced (instrumentals) were used in 3 separate episodes of Love Island: Australia.

New movie by the name of "Turnt" starring Jamal Woolard, Torrei Hart, Mann Robinson and many other familiar faces is now streaming and available at Amazon Prime and Tubi!!

The movie includes a song by Tejai Moore entitled, "Impatient" .. not only that, Tejai also has a cameo IN the film!!

God is good! BLESSINGS

Tejai Moore is a co-writer and co-producer on the single of Alternaive Rock artist, LAPP!!

The single is titled, "All My Little Lies".

Check the song out here! -

A song of Tejai Moore's, “Some Other Time”, from his debut album  (Write My Wrongs)

was used in an episode of VH1/BET’s

Hit The Floor, Season 4!!

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