Moore Muzik Consulting

a Moore Muzik, LLC company

Mission Statement:
Tejai Moore’s Purpose is to make a difference in this world via his gifts not only for himself, but more-so ​for ​ others. In doing this, his work lives on even after he does; eternally, and that is the aim. Hands-on is very powerful learning and Tejai Moore has been nothing less than in his career as an artist, songwriter, producer, publisher, and entrepreneur internationally, in which he is still currently active in each. To help steer others’ career in the right direction by learning from his journey, even if it’s only through a short-spanned road of helping them do more of the right things at the right time to gain the attention of someone who would lead them to ​even further ​ success, is a part of Tejai’s Purpose in his career. He has done it before and plans to continue to not allow his work to only be life-changing for himself. Through being open to assist those in need of clarity in their artistry, Moore Muzik Consulting (a Moore Muzik, LLC company) is here for answering questions and giving direction from not only Tejai Moore’s growth and Wisdom in this industry, but actual 15+ years experience in not only music…  but also the ​business of it.




1 Session equals 20-30min (interval) phone call(s):


  • 1 on 1 session via phone call with Tejai Moore



● Help aspiring/new artists, producers, songwriters, and companies (“CLIENT”} to analyze their aims and objectives to have a clear vision of what they need to

do from where they currently are for progress

● Help Client create personalized strategies in order to achieve/reach their target goals

● Give detailed/productive feedback on Client’s previous and current work


● Help Client become aware of their strong-points ​not only ​ their weaknesses


● Offer mixing/mastering (if need be) as an extra service


● Offer production and/or songwriting assistance (if need be) as an extra service


● Offer website-building as an additional service (if need be)


● Provide Client with direct-contacts of prominent Blog and Magazine websites as an extra service


● Provide Client with (U.S.) nationwide radio direct-contacts as an extra service


● Leave Client with mental exercises to do on their own behalves that will lead to inevitable forward-progress in business and creativity



Reach out via the Contact Page on the menu to inquire about a Consulting session today.

Ask about current pricing per session and promotional deals to save $ on the session. 

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